Consulting Services

Image specialist having worked with several types of data in various contexts, I offer the following services:

  1. Design of solutions: Custom design of state-of-the-art solutions specifically targeted towards your image processing/computer vision problem.
  2. Software development: Implementation of image processing/computer vision solutions (C/C++, Visual Studio, Matlab)
  3. Expert advice: Analysis of feasibility and efficiency of a particular algorithm, research of the best approach for your problem from current literature, evaluation of commercial products.

About Me

I graduated in 2007 from McGill University with a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Since then I have done consulting work on various projects involving aerial images and photography.

Chosen Publications

Mosleh, A., Green, P., Onzon, E., Bégin, I. and Langlois, P.J.M, "Camera Intrinsic Blur Kernel Estimation : A Reliable Framework." IEEE Conference on Computer vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), Boston (USA). 2015.

Bégin, I. and Ferrie, F.P., "PSF Recovery from Examples for Blind Super-Resolution", Proceedings of the 14th IEEE Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Vol. 5, pp. 421-424, 2007.

Bégin, I. and Ferrie, F.P., "Training Database Adequacy Analysis for Learning-Based Super-Resolution", Proceedings of the 4th Canadian Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), 2007

Bégin, I. and Ferrie, F.P., "Image Resolution Enhancement Using High-Resolution Image Databases", 8th Geoide Annual Meeting, Banff (Canada), 2006.

Bégin, I. and Ferrie, F.P., "Blind Super-Resolution Using a Learning-Based Approach", Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR), vol. 2, pp. 85-89, 2004.

Free Software

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